We aim to replicate superlubricity across length scales, transforming it from an atomic-scale lab curiosity to a manufacturing-scale technology that overcomes the severe friction of boundary lubrication 

Science4Parliament Podcast

Jun 27, 2024
Denis talks about the economic, social and ethical implications of the use of nanotechnology with Dr. Cormac Ó Coileáin, a research fellow, currently working in the Bundeswehr University, Munich and previously a postdoctoral researcher in Trinity College Dublin.

"Pint Of Science" festival

Jan 10, 2024

Dr. Zahra Gholamvand spoke about 2D materials and application for frictionless contacts at the "Atoms to Galaxies" event in Pint Of Science public festival

SSLiP Researcher wins best poster

Apr 26, 2023
Dr. Zahra Gholamvand won best poster at the recent Amber conference in Limerick, Ireland

Joint SSliP Supra Slide Session

Feb 2024
Friction, defined as resistance during relative motion of contact surfaces, accounts for about 25% of global energy consumption and is responsible for approximately 75% of mechanical failures.

Tribology challenges for nanolithography

Graham Cross, FTCD is Associate Professor Physics and PI in the AMBER/CRANN Nanomaterials Institute at Trinity College Dublin presented on "Suppression of friction and wear at the microscale under extreme tribological conditions"

Applied nonequilibrium statistical mechanics

Scaling Superlubricity into Persistence, SSLiP (EIC Pathfinder) on developing a way to utilise the atomic-level effect of structural superlubricity in macroscopic tribological systems

Graphene Week 2023

Sep 8, 2023

Prof. Duesberg presented the evidence of polymeric adlayers on top of layered transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs), a finding not easily detected by conventional methods like Raman spectroscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), or scanning electron microscopy (SEM).

Graphene Week 2022

Sep 16, 2022

In the plenary session of Graphene Week 2022, Professor Graham Cross delivered an enlightening presentation on the self-assembly of graphene ribbons initiated by nanoindentation.

SSLiP partner visits TCD

Sep 2022
Professor Astrid S. de Wijn delivered an engaging lecture at Trinity Fitzgerald lecture theater, focusing on "Understanding the friction of layered materials in theory and modeling."

SSLiP wins funding!

Apr 2022
SSLIP, coordinated by Prof. Graham Cross from TCD has receive 4.5M EIC Pathfinder funding, focusing on a new concept called superlubricity, where solid, atomic-sized 2D materials can slide across one another experiencing virtually no friction.

Trinity materials science research secure funding

15 Dec 2021

Two research projects coordinated by principal investigators from Trinity College Dublin and Amber, the science foundation Ireland entre for advanced materials and bioengineering research, have secured recommended funding from the European Innovation Council (EIC) via its highly competitive Pathfinder Open competition.

Three Irish research projects to receive share of €168m EU funding

14 Dec 2021
Two projects at Trinity and one in Athlone will receive funding under an EIC programme awarding an average of €3m to innovative tech research ideas.