Ahmed Uluca

Nationality: Turkey
PhD Student
School of Physics, Trinity College Dublin (TCD)

1- What is your background (Degree, Master Degree, PhD on…)?

I am a Physics Engineer with Master of Science degree from Istanbul Technical University. My background is mostly on contact mechanics and surface science, especially by using and developing Nanoindentation and Scanning Probe experimental techniques.

2-  What inspired you to pursue a career in Science-related field?

I have been always curious about things and like to think deeply on simple things. Mostly my family has given me the inspiration and opportunity to pursue on science. Besides of their endless support, as being the youngest member, I have always found an amazing medium to discuss and talk on the nature with my parents and siblings.

3-  What is your role within the SSLiP project? How do you expect your work in SSLiP project will contribute to your career development?

I am a PhD student in the SSLiP, and my essential role is developing contact mechanics experiments that demonstrates the durability and friction performance of SSLiP’s novel material designs to reduce the friction. To do that, in addition to indentation and friction testing, I work on sample preparation and synthesis as well. Lastly, I work closely with our theory group for interpreting the results accurately and getting new ideas for the design of experiments. My professional career has just started with the SSLiP project, so I hope it will take me to the best place that I can achieve further with an excellent start. The Project has expert partners from seven European countries which is a golden opportunity for me to develop my professional network and obtain a diverse experience through them.

4-  What are the activities in your current position that you find the most interesting and why?
Due to the nature of the project is being ‘scaling-up’, I think the most interesting activity is the planning of experiments and material designs by thinking over the nanoscale to meter-scale with all surface Physics and Chemistry knowledge that we could put together.

5- Advice for future professionals in this field? This is a career for you if….

This is a career for you if you have a real interest and love for solving the puzzles of nature. I think one should not think about it just a career, otherwise there are always faster and safer careers to take you wherever you want.